MasterGrain Branding Update. 

It is due to our talented team and technological achievements that has made MasterGrain a pioneer in the fiberglass door industry. We are taking a bold step into the future and are very proud to introduce our new brand.

  • Pivotal to our growth strategy, our new brand has been crafted to best represent the future of MasterGrain and drive our marketing efforts forward.
  • Our goal is to present a modern image, one that our partners are proud to be aligned with.
  • We are implementing a phased roll-out of our existing collateral as to not waste existing marketing in the field.




  • The geometric MG shape plays with negative space to create a sense of structured motion
  • Similar to a fingerprint, each grain is unique, symmetrical lines connote balance and individuality
  • The polygon effect represents our innovative spirit, that combines with our highly-technical processes to create our world class products


  • Modern, high-end feel, backed by corporate stability

Colour Pallet:

  • Balanced by a stalwart warm grey, we've introduced an optimistic and innovative orange 



We have placed a higher emphasis on co-branding that extends to all of our partners. To help ensure everyone has the same marketing tool-set, we have created the following downloads that we ask you to save and pass along to your marketing department.

We have also updated our image copyright statement at the end of this email. Essentially, we are happy to provide images and creative support. If there are images used, please credit MasterGrain.

EPS file:

  • Use this format for high resolution print and digital projects. Crop to size. 

PNG files:

  • This format has a transparent background. Suitable for digital projects and office documents. Crop to size. 

JPG files:

  • On a white background. Crop to size. 



MasterGrain remains the sole owner of the image/content’s copyright. No transfer of intellectual property is made by this agreement. This license is not transferable to a third party.


Implicit to any licensing agreement is the buyer/license’s agreement to credit the owner of the copyright “MasterGrain” whenever any image/content is displayed or printed, for example:
  • With individual image use:
    i.e.) “Fiberglass [door/frame/component] images provided courtesy of Mastergrain.”, linking to our website wherever possible
  • Alternatively, images used as part of a beauty image:
    Include text that credits “MasterGrain” along with the style of the featured door, i.e.) “Featuring MasterGrain Cherry, 2 Panel Door”
  • Where a number of images appear:
    i.e.) “Fiberglass [door/frame/component] images provided courtesy of Mastergrain.”, linking to our website wherever possible 

Logo Credit:

Furthermore, for all digital and traditional media where our products are being displayed or printed, the buyer/license’s will visibly display at least one MasterGrain logo that is a minimum of 2” wide while maintaining aspect ratio in relation to the overall design. As well, provide a link wherever possible to our website:


This is a non-exclusive license allowing MasterGrain to sell/provide additional licenses of the same image/content to other parties under separate agreements.

Proof of Compliance:

The buyer/license agrees to provide proof of compliance by electronically submitting a PDF or a link to the design to the following email address: