Lites Frames

Lite Frames

MasterGrain lite frames are crafted from fiberglass to ensure a perfect match to our doors, every time. Twisting, warping and rotting are wood qualities we didn’t want and our fiberglass won’t do that. Count on our products to last a lifetime.

MasterGrain Plug Frame System

Our traditional screw system with matching fiberglass grained plug caps grips onto our glass like it means it.

MasterGrain Plugless Frame System

Our internal clipping system provides amazing glass retention without the need for plugs! Slam-tested and severe weather-proofed!

Why Choose MasterGrain Fiberglass Frames?

  • Perfect grain match to all MasterGrain door components
  • Equal expansion and contraction during extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Fiberglass frames are more rigid than competitive plastic frames, ensuring a tight, weather-sealed door
  • Fiberglass will not warp or twist under extreme temperatures
  • Frames accept extruded dry-sealing which eliminates the need for messy caulking